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I am a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of English at Princeton University. I work on Victorian poetry, especially as it relates to book history and periodicals. My grant project at Princeton’s Center for Digital Humanities, The Victoria Press Circle, is an open-access network visualization of the women and men involved in Emily Faithfull’s Victoria Press, based on the contents of the English Woman’s Journal (1858-1864) and three anthologies printed between 1861


and 1863. The project will illustrate collaboration among literary contributors, compositors, engravers, printers, and editors, in order to better understand the Press as a collective enterprise. The Victoria Press Circle is a part of my dissertation, which represents Victorian poetry as a collaborative material endeavor among women with a tripartite aim of social reform, literary recognition, and artisanship. Its central figures include Christina Rossetti and Adelaide Procter.

The Victoria Press Circle Project Team:

Project Director
Miranda Marraccini

Technical Lead
Miranda Marraccini

Claude Willan

Clifford Wulfman